Mathematics for Teachers

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The Mathematics for Teachers (Mathematics Single Subject) degree equips students with the mathematical knowledge required to teach grades 7 through 12. Students learn to communicate and teach mathematics in formal and informal settings. Through this course of study, students develop the tools and skills necessary for careers in industry, education, ministry, and even graduate studies.

  • Course Requirements

    Course Code Title Units
    EDUC 2000 Technology for Teaching & Learning 3
    EDUC 4430 Curriculum and Instruction 5
    MATH 2450 Math Reasoning and Writing 3
    MATH 2500 Math Professions 2
    MATH 2530 Calculus II 4
    MATH 2610 Statistics 3
    MATH 2630 Calculus III 4
    MATH 2830 Computer Programming 3
    MATH 3050 Intro to Num. Theory & Mod. Alg. 3
    MATH 3250 Linear Algebra 3
    MATH 3530 Math Statistics with Probability 3
    MATH 3630W Math History 3
    MATH 3930 Differential Equations 3
    MATH 4630 Geometry 3

    Choose two of the following Math Electives:

    Course Code Title Units
    MATH 3330 Number Theory 3
    MATH 4030 Modern Algebra 3
    MATH 4240 Real Analysis 3
    MATH 4400 Selected Topics in Mathematics 1-4

Learning Outcomes

  • Construct and develop rigorous mathematical reasoning, including the use of standard mathematical concepts.
  • Effectively communicate rigorous mathematical reasoning, including the use of appropriate visual aids.
  • Expand his or her own mathematical understanding through a process of self-directed learning.

    Education Minor

    An academic minor can help round out your education and give you a chance to learn things you would not find in your major. If you are interested in the Mathematics for Teachers program, the Education minor may be an option for you.

    Course Code Title Units
    EDUC 2000 Introduction to Education 3
    EDUC 4020 Psychological Applications in Education 3
    EDUC 4250 Technology for Teaching and Learning 3
    EDUC 4400/4410 Language Arts 4
    EDUC 4420/4430 Curriculum and Instruction 5
    EDUC 4460/4470 Multicultural Instruction 3