Kinesiology (Exercise Science/Applied Health)

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The Kinesiology program at Simpson University draws from strengths in both the Sciences and Mathematics Department and the Athletic Department, offering a strong depth of instruction while encompassing the breadth of the different areas where kinesiologists are employed. Within our major, students will learn more about careers in physical education or sports and fitness management, and even earn credit towards an Education minor through the courses offered in this program. With a graduate placement rate of nearly 100% within the previously offered majors in the Sciences and Mathematics Department, we anticipate that many of our graduates in this major will successfully go on to such careers or pursue graduate and/or professional education programs.

Simpson University's Kinesiology major features small class and lab sizes, so students can get one-on-one attention from faculty members. Students will also have the opportunity to complete internships and gain clinical experience in the areas of sports management, coaching, athletic training and physical therapy, among others.

  • Course Requirements

    Major Requirements

    Course Code Title Units
    BIOL 2110 Nutrition 3
    CHEM 1300 Intro to Chemistry 4
    KINS 2000 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury 3
    KINS 2100 Intro to Kinesiology 3
    KINS 2120 Applied Movement Anatomy 3
    KINS 3000 Contemporary Health Issues 3
    KINS 3100 Exercise Physiology 3
    KINS 3200 Measurement/Evaluation/Kinesiology 3
    KINS 3500 Lifelong Motor Development 3
    KINS 4400 Methods of Teaching Sports Activities 3
    KINS 4410 Movement Experiences/Children 3
    KINS 4420 Movement Experiences/Middle School 3
    KINS 4500 Organization/Administration/Phys Ed 3
    KINS 4600 Internship 3
    MATH 1830 Precalculus 3
    PHED 1230 First Aid/CPR 1
    PHED Activity or ODLE Skill Acquisition

    Upper Division Kinesiology Electives (9 Credits)

    Course Code Title Units
    KINS 3300 Biomechanics 3
    KINS 4100 Exercise & Sports Psychology 3
    KINS 4200 Exercise Prescription 3
    KINS 4430 Applied Motor Development 3

    Please view our latest Academic Catalog for more information on program requirements and course descriptions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to recall and articulate basic scientific concepts and processes related to kinesiology.
  • Students will be able to employ and apply appropriate observational techniques to obtain data regarding athletic performance and overall health.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in exercise science and sports management, as well as Christian ethics, culminating in an “on-the-job” internship experience.
  • Students will be able to read reviews of primary medical literature and effectively present their findings.
  • Students will be able to analyze issues in kinesiology that engender controversy, present multiple viewpoints on the issue, and articulate a Christian viewpoint with means of addressing the issue in public space

Heather Morrison

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Dr. Morrison has a broad range of experience in the field of Kinesiology, including teaching K-12 physical education and health, working in exercise physiology with cardiac, pulmonary and fitness testing, coaching, and corporate health and wellness promotion. Prior to Simpson University, Dr. Morrison served as Department Chair of Kinesiology at Houston Baptist University for 9 years. Dr. Morrison’s degrees include a B.S. in Athletic Training, M.A.T. in Exercise Science and Teaching and Ed.D. in Health Science Curriculum and Instruction. Areas of research have included the effects of verbal and video feedback on sport and clinical skill development.

Major Specific Resources

  • Facilities

    To address the rising demand for medical professionals, Simpson University offers an undergraduate Biology major and nursing program (BSN) and a R.N.-to-B.S.N. Nursing program.

    Science and Nursing Center

    Simpson University’s Science and Nursing Center

    The Science and Nursing Center is equipped with:

    • Two stories: one floor dedicated to science majors and one to nursing education
    • Six patient simulation zones
    • Two clinical skills labs
    • Specialized areas for physics, microbiology, genetics, chemistry, ecology and anatomy
    • General-purpose classrooms
    • Centralized faculty offices
  • Learn In Real World Environments

    As a biology student at Simpson University, you'll have the opportunity to practice stewardship and expand your horizons...all while earning credits toward your degree.

    You can choose to take summer classes at Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, where you'll participate in sustainable community-building, environmental education projects and community outreach services in the Great Lakes Forest, Puget Sound, South Florida or South India.

    You'll also have the option to enjoy a semester abroad through the Latin American Studies Partnership Program.  In Latin America, you'll broaden your horizons by traveling through diverse cultures and living with native families, while taking part in field studies and dynamic classroom experiences based on the politically and economically sensitive relationship between North America and Latin America.

  • Career Opportunities

    In addition to careers in medicine, research or teaching, your biology degree from Simpson will also help prepare you for a career in:

    • Pharmaceutical Sales
    • Business Consultation
    • Biotechnology
    • Patent & Environmental Law
    • Healthcare Technology
    • Technical Writing
    • Nursing
    • Science Journalism 
    • Physical Therapy
    • Computer Programming
    • Public Health
    • Computer Modeling
    • Wildlife Biology  
    • Environmental Science
    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Waste Management
    • Genetic Counseling
    • Agriculture
    • Pharmaceutical Research
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Research

    ...and dozens of other fields!

  • Research Challenge

    If your plans include graduate studies, we also invite you to take a close look at our B.S. in Biology classes to see how our curriculum aligns with the prerequisites for the graduate or professional school of your choice.

  • Essential Preparation

    At Simpson University we want to see you thrive. If you are considering a career in biology or nursing and other medical professions, we encourage you to come prepared. A passion for knowledge and a strong college preparatory background in mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Trigonometry) and the natural sciences (physical science, biology, and chemistry) are essential. If you are well prepared, you will find your academic experience at Simpson University not only challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

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