Online Programs at Simpson University

Online Learning

Simpson University offers a rich variety of online courses and programs providing students with additional pathways to achieve their learning goals, in a way that works best for the student's lifestyle. If you are interested in applying to Simpson University or simply want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Simpson University has partnered with Acadeum to provide students with the opportunity to take courses online for Simpson University. The credits completed for these courses will then transfer to Simpson University and be applied to the student's program of choice. To view a full list of courses, students can create an account at Simpson University's College Consortium Portal.

Simpson University also offers a variety of online courses through our institution. To view a full list of those courses, please refer to our 2021-2022 SU Online Courses list. You can view additional course information in our Academic Catalog.

Degrees & Programs

Alongside a variety of different individual courses, Simpson University has options for completing a program entirely online. For more information on each program, click on the banners below. You can find information on program requirements, expected completion time, admissions processes, and more. You can also view full program descriptions and requirements in our Academic Catalog.

The Associate of Arts in General Studies is designed to equip students with a biblically integrated foundation of general studies. These courses may satisfy a significant portion of the general education requirements at many state universities. Students may use the A.A. to pursue upper division study at Simpson or programs of study at other institutions.

The Psychology major is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the theoretical and applied aspects of the discipline of psychology. Within the context of a Christian worldview, students will be introduced to basic theories and methods of psychology. The program aims to increase students’ understanding of human nature, as well as provide a foundation for further study at the graduate level or preparation for a career in which an understanding of human behavior and social processes is essential.

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The Business Administration major provides students with the opportunity to study, within the context of a Christian worldview, the principles and practices of management. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to make sound management decisions and provide leadership in their field.

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This program provides professional preparation for school leadership. Prior to entering the program candidate must have a Clear Teaching Credential.

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