M.A. in Organizational Leadership (Online)

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (Online) is an online program designed for the non-traditional adult student currently working in a setting where they can apply and practice their developing leadership skills. The 36-semester credit program can be completed in two years.

  • Objectives

    The program has identified the following objectives as critical to the development of highly skilled and ethical leaders for the 21st century:

    • Develop professionals in the field of organizational leadership who are capable of assuming responsible roles within the modern organization.
    • Instill the values of justice, responsible stewardship, and respect for human difference, fairness, integrity, honesty, and service.
    • Create an environment in which students can freely and respectfully collaborate, experience, question, grow and develop.
    • Instill the expectation that all human beings are responsible to influence the world for good and noble purposes.
    • Prepare leaders for a life of service.
  • Practitioner-Teacher-Scholar Faculty

    Our faculty are skilled practitioners in their fields who integrate the best of real-world leadership experience, scholarship and faith into their teaching. They know what it takes to navigate the complex challenges of the modern organization. They make it their business to stay current on trends, research and information, and best practices. They are professional role models and mentors who hold high standards for their students and who work hard to help students achieve their best.

  • Opportunities

    Graduates from the program are prepared with highly developed ethical reasoning, critical-thinking, decision-making, and relational skills. They will be equipped to manage high-conflict situations, implement and lead through organizational change processes, and help others achieve their maximum potential for effectiveness and productivity. The program prepares graduates to work in a variety of settings, including public, private and non-profit organizations.

  • Leadership and Spirituality

    The program views spirituality and the development of values consistent with the Christian worldview as central to effective leadership. While applicants are not required to sign a statement of faith, students are expected to develop a philosophy of leadership that reflects the principles and values of justice, fairness, integrity, honesty, service, and humility. The program emphasizes the acquisition and demonstration of moral and ethical principles that are exemplified in the Judeo-Christian traditions.

"The most rewarding thing about the MAOL program is the real-life application of the subjects we study in the classroom. It is so exciting to be part of a program than enhances my personal growth along with my professional development."Hilary Bingham

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