M.A. in Education

Simpson University’s Master of Arts in Education program is committed to preparing you to become a leader who will inspire, empower and collectively make a difference in the lives of future generations. Our dynamic community is uniquely designed to build character and foster purpose, while our comprehensive curriculum provides the academic training that will develop your mastership as a skilled and compassionate educator.

The Master of Arts in Education degree is primarily designed for the practicing educator who seeks increased responsibility in the education profession, with the primary focus on providing you with the academic, theoretical and field-based study necessary to ensure your personal and professional growth. This program also serves as an excellent foundation for you to continue with further graduate study. For qualified candidates it is possible to combine work on the Master’s Degree with work on the preliminary teaching credential or the preliminary administrative services credential.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your mastery in the classroom, or move into leadership or administration fields, we’ll provide the tools that will allow you to confidently pursue your passion, while adequately preparing you to meet the challenges of today’s educational system.

At Simpson University, we believe the mission of education is to provide visionary leadership: a call for both educators and students to become what they are capable of becoming, allowing them to create the future they imagine. The Master of Arts in Education is your personal invitation to become a part of that mission, taking your profession to new heights of integrity, passion and excellence.


  • ED 6000 Philosophical Foundations of Education (2)
  • ED 6010 Psychological Applications in Education (3)

Core Courses

  • ED 6100 Tests and Measurements and Assessment Theory (3)
  • ED 6113 Foundations and Trends in American Education (3)
  • ED 6120 Leadership in Vision and Change (3)
  • ED 6135 Leadership in Curriculum Instruction and Supervision (4)
  • ED 6050 Research and Writing (3)

Thesis or Non-Thesis Options

Option 1

  • ED 6310 Project Document (2)
  • ED 6310C Project Document Continuation (1)

Option 2

  • ED 6320 Thesis (2)
  • ED 6320C Thesis Continuation(1)

Option 3

  • Pedagogy and Assessment for Induction (6)

Option 4

  • 2 electives
    • ED 6700 Leadership Diversity Issues in the Schools (3)
    • ED 6160 Leadership in Organizational Management (3)
    • ED 6144 Leadership in Law and Personnel (3)
    • ED 6145 Leadership in Fiscal Management (3)
    • ED 6150 Introduction to Communication, PR, and Politics (3)

Educational Leadership

  • ED 6700 Leadership in Diversity Issues (3)
  • ED 6150 Leadership in Communication, Public Relations, and Politics (3)
  • ED 6160 Leadership in Organizational Management (3)


  • ED 5400/5410 Language Arts
  • ED 5460/5470 Multicultural Instruction
  • ED 5420/5430 Curriculum and Instruction
  • Q: How long is the program?

    A: The 33-36 Credit degree can be completed in four semesters. For those taking it after achievement of a teaching credential it may be completed in three semesters. For those taking it after achievement of the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential from Simpson, it may be completed in one or two semesters.

  • Q: Are there loans available for the M.A. in Education?

    A: Yes, there are several packages. Talk to the enrollment counselor in admissions. Simpson has an excellent support system to help students navigate the ins and outs of financial aid. You must take at least 5 units of graduate work each semester to qualify for financial aid.

  • Q: Can I start any fall, summer, or spring semester?

    A: Yes. Classes are held in the evening and weekends during these semesters. You can start at the beginning of any semester.

  • Q: What are the academic requirements for admission into the M.A. in Education?

    A: You must have at least a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 semester hours or submit passing scores on the GRE test.

  • Q: How many courses are there? 

    A: In addition to the 32 credit credential program, the M.A. in Education includes 22 credits of graduate coursework.

    In addition to the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (25 credits) there are three more courses (9 credits).

  • Q: How do I get started?

    A: Apply online , and then contact Enrollment Services at (530) 226-4606 or 1-888-9-SIMPSON. They will help you with the application process.

  • Q: What else is special about Simpson's Master of Arts in Education Program?

    A: We have the best program! Our M.A. students have a great reputation for being teachers and leaders in education. Many of them add the administrative credential to their education and serve as principals and superintendents. We have professors and staff who will take time for you and encourage you every step of the way. Your professors are:

    • Dr. Ron McGraw (oundations & Trends, Leadership in Organizational Management, Research and Writing, Project Documents/Thesis)
    • Dr. Tom Forbes (Philosophy)
    • Dr. Paul Jones (Leadership in School Law, Leadership in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision, Tests and Measurement)
    • Dr. Carol Wertz (Language Arts for Elementary)
    • Matt Garrett (Language Arts for Secondary)
    • Dr. Richard Harris (Leadership in Diversity, Leadership in Vision and Change, Leadership in Communications, Public Relations and Politics)
    • Dr. Diane Kempley (Research and Writing)
    • Joe Funderburg (Leadership in Fiscal Management, Leadership in Law School)
    • Scotti Gleason (Tests and Measurement)
    • Allison Brogoitti (Curriculum and Instruction for Elementary)
    • Deborah Wallace (Multicultural Instruction)
    • Philip Brown (Leadership in Fiscal Management)
    • Dr. Edward Mooney (Psychological Applications in Education, Research and Writing, Curriculum and Instruction)
    • Linda Faught (Special Education)
    • Michael Haworth (Technology)

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