Tozer Student Scholarships

North American Students at Tozer: What is needed?

Scholarships to help struggling seminary students cover their tuition as they prepare for ministry. Each course costs $1,275.... Can you help reduce the cost to the student with a gift?

Lane Johnston's Story

The Johnston family The Johnston family

Meet Lane, Miloann, Aaralyn, Arianna, Laeora, and Jasiah Johnston. They are from the Nashville, Tenn., area. Lane volunteered in his local church working with the youth, and he felt the call of God to leave his business and become trained for church ministry. They sold their home and moved to Redding so that Lane could begin classes at A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary. Can you imagine moving 42 hours away from your roots to start school? Like Abraham’s move! Pray for them as they start seminary this fall. Consider donating to our Tozer Scholarship Fund (select "A.W. Tozer Dean's Fund" under the Designation field) to help families like this reduce their tuition expenses in preparation for ministry.

International Students at Tozer: What is needed?

Scholarships to help international seminary students cover their tuition costs as they prepare to return to their home countries with the good news of Jesus. Each course costs $1,275... Can you help reduce the cost to the student with a gift?

Imagine being a student at Tozer, coming from a different part of the world where the average income is about $2 per day. How long would it take you to save up $1,200 for one course?

Read Victor's story below, to see how your gifts to our Tozer Student Scholarships can make an impact on the lives of future ministry workers.

Victor Carrera's Story

Dr. Patrick Blewett and Victor Carrera Dr. Patrick Blewtt, left, and Victor Carrera, right

I grew up in a mixture of faith and storytelling in Quito, Ecuador. Mom taught me to play with imagination, and in those early days, Dad was abusive. In my youth I sank into a self-destructive lifestyle. I remember the days of meaninglessness. One day, a talented storyteller who painted Biblical themes looked at my necessity, led me to encounter God through the simplicity of a prayer, and the love of Jesus became the reality to live for. God’s mercy restored my family and a new life began.

Higher education is a fundamental aspect of the calling. This led me to obtain a B.A. in Cinema, a certificate in Screenwriting and graduate education in film directing which provided the foundation to create and produce inspiring films. Yet, the need of seminary training was always captivating. After prayer and confirmation, I started a Master of Divinity in the fall of 2014. Through full-time and faithful commitment, I have the honor to be supported by the A. W. Tozer Dean’s Scholarship, their founders and donors. My hope is to serve the Lord and the Latin America communities through integration of the Good News into faith-based storytelling. Christianity is challenging. Denying sin is painful. But I rejoice in the fulfilling of God’s promise.

How to Give

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