The Many Faces Initiatives Endowment

The Many Faces Initiatives Endowment

The purpose of this fund is to provide the means by which the Simpson University community can fully engage with, and benefit from, the increasingly diverse nature of our student body; building on our historic emphasis on cross-cultural understanding and realizing more fully our calling to be a “Gateway to World Service.” The goal is to add more opportunities, on our campus and through our off-campus initiatives, for education, guidance and experience designed to improve our stewardship of the wide variety of students we have been blessed with.

Those establishing (funding) the fund request that the monies be available for use in one or more of the following areas:

  • Funding of retreats, training sessions, and other experiences designed to support the integration of students that, due to their culture, language, background or experience, may have difficulty adjusting to the dominant culture on campus.
  • Funding of speakers, seminars, workshops and other educational opportunities for faculty, staff, and students (particularly but not exclusively from the dominant culture) that will bring awareness, encouragement, skill development and action that promotes healthy and healing relationships among all the distinct populations in our community.
  • Funding of consultants and other means helpful to the development of University policies and procedures that may facilitate an increase in, and broadening of, the variety of types of people that we have on staff, as faculty and in our student body.

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