WorldSERVE Application

All Simpson University students are invited to apply for a WorldSERVE team! Pray and determine that you DO want to follow God to the ends of the earth, wherever He might send you, and also seek confirmation from friends, parents, and mentors.

The application process has several parts:

  1. Dates and Expectations: Read this and determine whether you can fully commit to all aspects of this journey.

  2. Leader or Member: Read this and decide if you would like to apply as a student leader or a team member (there will be a place to mark this on your application).

  3. Leader Application - Due September 29, 2019
    Member Application - Due October 27, 2019

  4. Submit your application before the deadline!
    Student LEADER Application: due September 29, 2019 by midnight
    Team MEMBER Application: due October 27, 2019 by midnight

  5. Interview Days: will be held fromSeptember 30th - October 3rd

  6. Selection: Team members will be reviewed November 4th and acceptance emails will be sent out November 8th.

The first requirement for all team members is to attend the WorldSERVE Kick-Off Night on Tuesday, Nov. 19th at 7 p.m. Team members will meet one another and receive important information about fundraising, dates, and expectations .

Beginning the first week of class in January, teams will meet weekly throughout the entire spring semester for training and preparation.

How Mission Applications Work in Managed Missions

Because Managed Missions already tracks most of the information commonly found on Mission Applications, our Mission Applications work a little differently than most online applications. Our multi-step application is described below:

  1. Link: Applicants arrive at the Mission Application by using a special URL that is unique to each Mission Application. You can easily link applicants to this URL from your organization website or in your email communications.

  2. Log In: Every application in Managed Missions starts with the applicant logging in to Managed Missions. Applicants who have used Managed Missions in the past can use their existing Managed Missions login information. New Applicants can easily create their login information in one step.

  3. Personal Info: Managed Missions already tracks basic info about people such as Name, Address, Birth Date, Gender, etc. Every Mission Application starts by collecting this information. Applicants who have been on or applied for a previous trip with your organization will have their existing info brought in from Managed Missions and will only need to update any outdated info. At the beginning of the application you will be asked to fill in your personal information, please fill in what you know and leave the rest blank. We understand everyone does not have a passport just yet so leave that blank if you still need to apply for one.

  4. Travel Info: Managed Missions also tracks various travel info about people such as Passport Info, Emergency Contact Info, Allergies and Medications, etc. Every Mission Application also collects this information. As with Personal Info, returning applicants will have their info brought in from Managed Missions.

  5. Preferred Trip: If your application is set up to allow applicants to choose a trip, applicants will have the option of selecting their Preferred Trip.

  6. Custom Questions: After filling out the standard information that is part of every Mission Application, applicants answer any custom questions you created when you created your Mission Application. The applicant's answers to custom questions are displayed to admins when reviewing applications but do not become part of the applicants Managed Missions profile.

  7. Submit: After answering any custom questions, the applicant submits their application. They see a custom message from your organization and an email is sent to your Mission Application Review Email Address, letting you know that a new application is ready for review.

  8. Review: An account admin from your organization reviews the application in Managed Missions. The admin can then add the applicant to a trip or mark the application as reviewed without adding them to a trip. If the applicant is added to a trip, they will receive a custom email notifying them.

Saving and Publishing

Once you have your Mission Application the way you want it, you can choose to publish your application immediately or save it to publish later. If you click “Save Application” at the top of the New Mission Application form, your Mission Application will be saved in “Inactive” mode, meaning it will not yet be publicly available. If you click “Publish Application”, it will be saved in “Active” mode meaning it is publicly available immediately. Applications can be toggled between “Active” and “Inactive” mode at any time from the Mission Application list.