Raising Support

One of the biggest reasons students feel hindered from joining God to reach His world is money! How could you possibly pay for a mission trip along with your education and other bills, you ask? Well, do you think that God might be able to provide the means for accomplishing HIS purpose in HIS way if you trust Him and say yes? We do! And we want to help!

We like to divide the total team cost into more manageable chunks for you to work towards:

Support Raising

A significant portion of your needed funds will prayerfully come from your own friends and family by sending out at least 30 support letters in December. Invite others to partner with you and invest in God’s kingdom! If each of those 30 people sent just $30 dollars, you'd have $900. Most students actually send closer to 50 letters inviting others to join them in God’s work through giving any size donation (we’ve had gifts of $5 and $2000!).


Depending on how hard you are willing to work, finances will also come from approved team fundraisers (garage sales, car washes, dinners, “Rent a Team” etc.), and also through your own individual fundraisers like babysitting or a bake sale at your home church. When people know what you’re raising money towards, many will be happy to find work they can pay you for!

Personal Sacrifice

Lastly, every team member is strongly urged to invest in your WorldSERVE project from your own pocket. It's true that we are more likely to cherish what costs us something... "for, where your treasure is there your heart will be also." View this mission experience as a worthwhile investment into your own spiritual growth, education, and future. The return far exceeds the sacrifice!! (Plus, many of our teams will be back by the end of May which would allow you to work a summer job before school begins.)