Simpson University is dedicated to the mission of helping families in our own community. To accomplish that task we created the Carr & Camp Fire Scholarship to make a four-year private Christian education a reality for those affected by the devastating Northern California fires.

Scholarship Program

Our desire is to make Simpson University an affordable option for those affected by the Carr Fire or Camp Fire. Scholarships are limited, so apply now.

Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

If you have been impacted by the Carr Fire or Camp Fire, then you may be eligible to receive the scholarship. Proof of impact includes:

  • FEMA application
  • Insurance claim application
  • Address verification of affected location

How much is the scholarship?

The Carr & Camp Fire Scholarship awards up to $15,000 a year. A student can also receive up to an additional $3,000 a year with the Simpson University Matching Award when a family member, business, or church sponsor commits to providing funds for the student's education at Simpson University. With a full $3,000 annual match from a sponsor, a student can receive up to $84,000 over four years.


Scholarship benefits

The Carr & Camp Fire Scholarship pays the majority of a student's tuition, allowing a student to maximize their federal and state aid to pay for the remaining portion of tuition and residential housing.

Additional requirements

Recipients of the scholarship must commit to living on campus to experience the benefits of the Simpson University community unless approved to live off campus.


Email for more information.